• Diesel Compression Tester
  • Diesel Compression Tester
  • Diesel Compression Tester
  • Diesel Compression Tester

Diesel Compression Tester

Model No.: SD-8003
• For testing diesel compression pressure

• High quality hydraulic pressure gauge provides accurate reading and prevents damages on gauge due to high pressure

• Glow plug adapters are helpful when diesel injectors are difficult to remove because of carbon deposits

• Provided with a 90-degree adapter for fitting gauge to injector (or glow plug) adapter in limited spaces

• Includes 4 injector adapters and a universal injector adapter kit (contained in small box). The clamp-on adapters offer more applications on truck, van, bus, marine, and agricultural machinery

  Package   Blow molded case (red)
  Packing   4 sets in a master carton
  Weight per set   2.6 kg   5.8 lbs
  Net weight per carton   10.5 kg   23.1 lbs
  Gross weight per carton   11.5 kg   25.3 lbs
  Size per set   59.0 × 37.0 × 68.0 cm   23.2 × 14.6 × 26.8 in
  Size per carton   60.5 × 38.5 × 29.0 cm   23.8 × 15.2 × 11.4 in
  Volume per carton   0.068 CBM   2.4 CUFT
  Case label size   18.0 × 6.5 cm   7.1 × 2.4 in

  Suggested HS code   90262092007
  MOQ   4 sets
  Laser marking   Not available                   

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