Cosda is a leading automotive specialty tool producer in Taiwan with 40 years of experience. Cosda is now renowned for its innovative and high quality tools on the market.

Cosda started as a bicycle component manufacturer in the 1980s, and then it was in 1991 when Cosda became a complete OEM production center for auto repair tools. The big break came with Cosda’s first patented product, the universal cooling system leakage tester. Quick coupling function combined with colorful characteristics was an instant success amongst local trading companies.

Another important milestone for Cosda came in 1996 with the launch of its new pneumatic brake caliper wind back tool during the Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. The attention Cosda received opened the doors to larger export markets. Cosda became a well-known player in the OEM and ODM car repair tool manufacturing business.

Over the years, Cosda began expanding its product line to include repair tools for engine parts, steering system, shock absorbers, brake system and extractor sockets.

Today, Cosda not only focuses on B2B sector, but also retail businesses. In the future, Cosda is committed to creating for more innovative tools while providing the best possible product and customer services.

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