• Diesel Injector Fuel Return Flow Tester
  • Diesel Injector Flow Diagnostic Cylinder Common Rail Adaptor Test Tool Kit
  • Direct measurement of return flow of the injector
  • adaptors for BOSCH-01, SIEMENS-02, DENSO-03 and DELPHI injectors
  • simultaneous measurement of up to 6 injectors
  • Measurement of return flow using external flow meter

Return Fuel Volume Tester for Common Rail Injector (V6)

Model No.: SD-1016
• For testing return fuel volume on common rail low pressure system

• Mechanics can find which cylinder is faulty without removing injector or a diagnosis computer

• Includes adapters for major injector types: Bosch, Siemens, Delphi and Denso

• Provided with 6 test tubes with lines for easy observation on return fuel volume

• Each scale on test tube indicates 3 ml volume

Designed for use on the injector return side of a common rail diesel system

diagnosis of poor engine starting and rough running

adaptors for Bosch, Siemens, Denso and Delphi common rail injectors

set measures the return fuel flow on engines up to six cylinders

useful on certain commercial and marine applications

excessive smoke can be tested

A faulty or partially blocked injector will send excessive fuel back to the fuel tank

Tests can be done just in a few seconds

Common Rail Adaptor Return Fuel Tester Set

  Package   Blow molded case (red)
  Packing   10 sets in a master carton
  Weight per set   1.8 kg   4.0 lbs
  Net weight per carton   18.0 kg   39.6 lbs
  Gross weight per carton   19.0 kg   41.8 lbs
  Size per set   43.4 × 29.0 × 5.6 cm   17.1 × 11.4 × 2.2 in
  Size per carton   58.5 × 44.0 × 32.0 cm   23.0 × 17.3 × 12.6 in
  Volume per carton   0.082 CBM   2.9 CUFT
  Case label size   13.0 × 6.0 cm   5.1 × 2.4 in

  Suggested HS code   90262092007
  MOQ   10 sets
  Laser marking   Not available                       

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