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Hose Removal Pliers (Locking Type)

Model No.: SD-1117C
• Easily disconnects hoses by gripping firmly the tubes/lines

• Jaw for 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8” tubes and lines

• Especially suitable for hoses connected to tubes or lines with smooth surface, where exercising pushing force is not possible

• Pointed jaw tip allows access to confined spaces

• Screw locking design enhances secure gripping

Easily removes stubborn hoses on tanks, radiators, pumps, air cleaners

Designed to facilitate quick and easy access into tight areas

A quicker and more effective method of removal than other traditional options

Hose Removal Pliers for fuel Hoses

  Package   Sliding card + blisters
  Packing   10 sets in an inner carton, 20 sets in a master carton
  Weight per set   395 g   0.9 lbs
  Net weight per carton   7.9 kg   17.4 lbs
  Gross weight per carton   8.9 kg   19.6 lbs
  Size per set   29.4 × 13.1 × 9.0 cm   11.6 × 5.2 × 3.5 in
  Size per carton   54.8 × 36.6 × 33.3 cm   21.6 × 14.4 × 13.1 in
  Volume per carton   0.067 CBM   2.4 CUFT

  Suggested HS code   82041100004
  MOQ with laser marking   80 sets
  MOQ without laser marking   40 sets
  Laser marking cost   + TWD 4                    
  Not for sale in   China

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