• gasket remover and pan separator
  • break gasket seals on engine pumps, transmissions
  • Transmissions Oil Pan Separator seal cutter
  • gasket sealant change separator

Replaceable Gasket Separator (4 pcs)

Model No.: SD-1040A
• Tool for separating old sealant on oil pan

• High quality SK-5 blade provides satisfactory sealant separation

• Can also use on cylinder head cover, transmission pan, differential covers and other sealant joints in a vehicle

Gasket Seal Such as Oil Pans, Transmission Pans and Differential Covers

 cutter is pressed into the sealant and struck with a hammer


Drive tool between gasket and pan with a hammer

manufacturer for auto repair tools

  Package   Sliding card + blisters
  Packing   100 sets in a master carton
  Weight per set   170 g   0.37 lbs
  Net weight per carton   17.0 kg   37.4 lbs
  Gross weight per carton   18.0 kg   39.6 lbs
  Size per set   13.9 × 9.5 × 4.0 cm   5.5 × 3.7 × 1.6 in
  Size per carton   53.3 × 23.0 × 17.0 cm   21.0 × 9.1 × 6.7 in
  Volume per carton   0.021 CBM   0.7 CUFT

  Suggested HS code   82055990909
  MOQ with laser marking   100 sets
  MOQ without laser marking   100 sets
  Laser marking cost   + TWD 2.5                    

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